Try… Eccy Road Bootcamp

Students tend to split into two categories when they come to university. The first jump headfirst into the nightlife that this city has to offer, and tend to stumble home with a kebab in hand.

The second group does the same, but take fitness seriously as well. The gym isn’t for everyone, and not everyone wants to join the American Football team.

One option well worth a try is Eccy Road Bootcamp.

Based in Endcliffe Park off Ecclesall Road, a group of students can regularly be found being put through their paces by Liam Shaw, Head Trainer of the Bootcamp.

Try Sheffield caught up with Mr Shaw, who explained a little more about the advantages of the outdoor sessions he organises.

“First, this is a non military bootcamp! Some trainers are drill sergeants, and some people like that. I give out bootkicks and cuddles depending on the individual and on whats needed.”

The owner of EpicFitness, the Eccy Road Bootcamp was one of Shaw’s first projects, and now runs six days a week due to its popularity.

“The sessions in Endcliffe Park are varied. We do mainly body weight exercises, so push ups, shuttle runs, basic jumping jacks and loads more. The idea is i work for time rather than repetition. I want 30 seconds of push ups, and as many as you can do in that time.

“That way everyone is as good as each other. No one will feel like they are getting left behind. We cater for everyone’s fitness levels.”


The nature of local weather would suggest that some sessions may be called off for bad weather, but Shaw has a motto:

“We don’t close when it snows!

“In this country we can’t afford to wait for good weather. We had a lot of snow in January, and part of the workout involved making a snowman and 30 seconds of snow angels. Its amazing how tiring that can be.”

However, indoor sessions have also been added to the Bootcamp’s schedule to help accommodate those who fail to see the romance in training in the dark and cold. Kettlebell sessions are proving one of the popular attractions, with Shaw posting this introduction video to show prospective trainers how its done.

The Bootcamp is not just for students. The group draws interest from all age ranges across Sheffield, from Freshers to pensioners. However, due to both rising student fees and the upgrade of University facilities the number of students taking part has dropped slightly over the past year.

“I get a decent split between students and Sheffield residents, so there has been a possible drop for students this year. It may be to do with student fees, but the University have their own facilities as well for their own students and that will always be the first point of call.”


Truth Diary


However, many more graduates have joined the ‘Little Black Dress Club’, a fitness regime exclusively for woman.

“Little Black Dress Club is one of my other products, and its a small group training club for women. It’s a six week plan, and only five people at a time so they get better training attention. We provide a manual with nutritional advice, as well as complete workout instructions they can do themselves.

“One of the vital parts of the course is what i call the ‘truth diary’. Basically its a food diary – what they’ve drunk, eaten and how often they have worked out. This works extremely well as a deterrent for eating bad foods, especially as they feel guilty when they send me the diary at the end of each week!.

“There is good commaradery in the small group. I find the ladies i train usually complain that their work uniform doesn’t fit after four weeks and that they have had to buy new clothes! You’ll drop at least a dress size over the six weeks.”

“We have had a lot of ex students come onto the scheme. We have one older trainee who has lost a couple of stone in a year and only comes 4 times a week to the Bootcamp sessions. We’ve had people eliminate back pain through training and found its helped the condition.

“And as part of Little Black Dress Club, one girl lost 40cm overall in five weeks! It’s not weight loss, its fat loss.”

296425_228596350533174_941069536_n 196285_466445876748219_1995945349_n

When asked why students, and others, should pick Bootcamp over their local gym, Shaw said:

“Because we have a host of payment options. If you do like it you can buy lots of sessions for more value. Only pay for what you use. You don’t have to sign a membership like at a gym.

“You will get a good honest workout, and great fitness results. Its tailored to your fitness level, and of course its fun too.

“Were not Weight Watchers. I usually pick up the people who have failed at diets and get them on the right track. People just need to learn the habit of training.”

For more information about Eccy Road Bootcamp, visit the website and social media links below.



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