Cheap Gym Membership That’s Almost Too Good to be True

By Rebecca Radcliffe


Fitspace Gym based on Penistone Road North means you can sign up from £10.00 a month with classes included too.

Try Sheffield spoke to Chris Nichol the gyms club manager who filled us in with the advantages of joining this gym.

Unlike some gyms which are left unmanned, Fitspace have staff members available at all times.

“We have staff on the gym floor which enables us to focus mainly on the customer experience.”

Chris believes that by been 100% customer focused and at the cheapest price, this makes them stand out from more expensive gyms in Sheffield.

Fitspace has someone available at all times to help members if they require it.

“We always have a member of management staff on site and also a highly skilled personal training team to help members with their exercise goals.”

With prices so low, and customer service so high, it sounds almost too good to be true.

Chris explains how they manage to get by with members paying such a small amount to join the gym.

“We have lower staffing levels than gyms charging higher prices as we don’t have extras such as, a reception, a swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms which help keep prices to a minimum.”

Staff at Fitspace have a variety of jobs to do which helps keep staff levels low, which also means membership fee’s are kept low as well.

“The staff of the gym are expected to cover a variety of different job roles ranging from fitness to sales to cleaning which means you don’t have to have a departmental structure.”


The size of the gym is surprisingly large once inside, with wide space for all equipment and two levels to work out on. The studio zone situated upstairs for classes such as Zumba and Spin is also exceptionally roomy and spacious.

Fitspace have members ageing as young as students up to the age of 80 showing that the gym is perfect for absolutely anyone. So whatever your age, you seriously need to check this gym out and experience the benefits from been a member, and for an outstandingly low cost.

“The benefits are increasing fitness and strength and also speeding up weight and fat loss.”

For more information about prices, opening times and classes visit Fitspace’s website here –

Follow them on Twitter –

Or like them on Facebook –


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