Sheffield University Wins First Varsity In Nearly A Decade


The University of Sheffield stopped a decade of rot as they won their first Varsity title in nine years.

The event, which sees the cities two Universities pitted against each other in a number of events, is seen as the sporting highlight of the academic year, with numerous sports teams and thousands of fans taking part.

The final event of the Varsity season saw Hillsborough play host to women’s and men’s football, as nearly 5,000 fans packed the lower tier of the main stand.

The game itself was all but obsolete as a number of superb displays from the University of Sheffield earlier in the competition had guaranteed them a win mid-way through the final day, but for the Sheffield Hallam fans it was a chance to celebrate the past nine years of success as students from each side of the city merged to create a raucous atmosphere.

The final mens fixture did not disappoint, as Hallam came out 1-0 victors in a spirited game that left both sets of fans traveling off into the night in high spirits.

Luke MacWilliam, the Students Union Sports Officer for Sheffield University said it was the day his University had been waiting for.

But Hallam fans remained bullish throughout, rebuffing chants of ‘Ce sera, sera’ from the Sheffield University fans with ironic shouts of ‘it only took nine years’.

These Hallam students believed it was a good thing for the Varsity event that their city neighbours were victorious this year, paving the way for a more competitive future in the competition.

Events got messy at the final whistle as a streaker and numerous jubilant fans stormed the pitch and evaded stewards, which was to be expected from a crowd that universally booed the PA announcers broadcast that the stadium bars had closed.

And as the ironic and marginally offensive chanting continued on the packed tram back to the city centre, it is not hard to see what a huge event Varsity is on the student sporting calendar.


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