Vintage shopping in Sheffield

By Charlene Zheng

Vintage fashion is in! Sheffield people love vintage shopping, especially students. Choosing to wear vintage clothing is all about originality and makes fashion entertaining and unique.

Fancy dressing yourselves in vintage clothing to stand out from the crowd?Or interested in collecting these things?

Try Sheffield has found some great vintage shops around Sheffield city centre for you to take a look at.

Cow Sheffield:

Cow is an affordable vintage shop that is clean, big and it changes its collections to suit the latest trends. There is plenty to choose from including, t-shirts, knitwear dresses and jewellery. Most are in the style of 80s and 90s.


Clothes are sourced from different parts of the world. The staff are friendly and happy to help.



Bang Bang:
You can find it on the other side of Cow Sheffield within a 3 minute walk.



Bang Bang is an independent vintage boutique and is exclusive to the UK. It provides high quality vintage clothes from all around the globe, from right back in the 50s to the 80s and has beautiful handmade accessories.

The shop has a great selection for people to choose from and offer free alterations so that you can get clothing fitted perfectly.

Students get 20% off every Wednesday in Bang Bang.


Bang Bang is a friendly, cheap and fashionable place to shop and offers one of the best vintage shopping experiences in Sheffield.



Danielle Furniss, a Bang Bang staff member said:

“It’s always worth having a look around at everything. People in the shop are really happy to help and give their opinions. Even if you are shopping on your own, you’ve still got someone to see how you are.”



Friendly, cheap, good pieces… That’s all about vintage shopping in Sheffield.

So…How to shop for vintage clothing?

Here are the tips Try Sheffield believe is useful:

1. It’s better to have no plan and just get seduced.

“The best thing for vintage shopping is coming with an open mind, look at every item, because every item is different. Just try it on, it’s always looks better when it’s on the body.” Terri-Jayne, the manager of Cow suggested.

2. Remember to ask staff for help.
People in the shop are always willing to help. Sometimes they’ll show you stuff in the back that hasn’t hit the floor yet.

3. Ignore sizes.
Sizes are not an important factor in vintage shopping. It’s not always possible for vintage clothes to fit perfectly. But it is important to try things on to see if it looks good before purchasing.

4. Always check before you buy items.

5. Don’t hesitate if you like something
Every item is one of a kind in vintage shops; it may not be available later.

6. Exchange is ok but no refund
Remember most of the shops cannot refund items. You can exchange clothes within 14 days

7. Washing
Some of the clothes need to be washed in cool water, some can only be washed by hand.

Vintage shopping will provide inspiration to help you assemble your own high-street fashion look. So why not try these shops and make them become one of the most popular shops on Sheffield shopping trips.

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