Sheffield City Centre (A Quick Guide)

By: James Peters

Thousands of students move to a brand new city for university every year and the process can be terrifying. That’s why TrySheffield has created a quick guide to inform new students of some key places in Sheffield’s City Centre.

Sheffield Map


1. Sheffield Train Station


This is the very first place that the majority of new students will see. Arguably the busiest place in Sheffield, the station hides behind a 5 metre high waterfall that leads you into the city centre. If you’re a little worried about exploring the city straight away, turn left and head towards the taxi rank.

2. Sheffield Hallam University (Owen Building)


Walk up from the train station and you’ll come to the Owen Building. The Owen Building is the main building at the Sheffield Hallam City Campus.  This is the place that hallam students need to become familiar with as this is where most of the exams and lectures are held. Standing at an impressive 120ft it’s a difficult building to miss!

3. The Hubs


Head onto Paternoster Row and you’ll come across a very strange looking building. This iconic building is in fact The Hubs and the home of the Sheffield Hallam Union. If you’re a Sheffield Hallam student, why not have a look around and find out what is happening at the university. Or you could grab a drink at Bar Phoenix…

4. Tudor Square


Just a short walk from the Owen Building and you’ll stumble across Tudor Square. The Square is bordered by the Crucible, Lyceum and the Winter Garden which are all major Sheffield attractions. Tudor Square plays host to a number of events including Fright Night and the World Snooker Championships.

5. Fargate

IMG_2461If you have come to Sheffield to shop, this is the place for you. Fargate runs between Barker’s Pool and High Street and is the main shopping precinct in the city centre. In 2009, Fargate was home to The Wheel Of Sheffield that echoed the famous London Eye.

6. Barker’s Pool


This is a place you will hear of but may not be certain of it’s location. Barker’s Pool is a public plaza that is also home to the City Hall which hosts a number of entertainment events. In the center of the plaza is a WW1 war memorial that was unveiled in 1925.

7. Division Street


This is another shopping area in Sheffield that is home to the more unique and interesting stores. From the gothic Rocky Horrors clothing store to high fashion retailer Eton there’s a store for everyone on this stretch of road.

8. West Street


Home to the majority of bars and pubs, West Street is the starting point of the majority of student ‘nights out’. If you hear of a Sheffield bar crawl, it will probably take place on West Street.

9. Devonshire Green


Finally, we come to Devonshire Green. This is a very popular area in the summer to sit and enjoy the sunshine on the vast area of grass. Look towards the bottom of the green and you will see a skate park which is often the place to all the flips and tricks.

There you go! These are just a few key places in Sheffield to visit, but you’ll have to do some exploring yourself to find the rest. Have fun!


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