Sheffield Safe Taxi Scheme

By: James Peters

Ever looked at what money you have left over after a night out and worried how to get home? Dont’ worry you’re not the only one. Many students struggle to make it home after realising they haven’t enough money for a taxi. This is what inspired the “Safe Taxi Scheme.”


Photo taken from City Taxis

Both Sheffield Universities have worked together with City Taxis to create a new scheme to ensure that students can get home safely after a boozy night out, and all you need is your student card. So how can you use the scheme? Look below and follow these 3 easy steps.


1. If you feel unsafe and haven’t got cash on you? Phone City Taxis on 0114 239 3939 and quote ‘Hallam Safe Taxi Scheme’ or use the City Taxi App.

2. When the City Taxi arrives, hand over your student card to the taxi driver and tell them where to take you. No cash necessary!

3. The next day, visit the Welcome Desk at the Students’ Union and pay the price of your taxi fare, and get your student card back.

(Most student cards will be returned within 24 hours, though in some cases it may be up to 48 hours.)


Just be aware that the scheme covers journeys upto approximately 5.5 miles, and a maximum fair of £10!

(Video Copyright Martha Rogers)

Students in Sheffield praised the scheme and intend to use it in the future.

“It’s such a good idea! I’m constantly looking in my purse for change and have to scrounge round my friends to put enough money together for a taxi.”

Another student explained, “Sheffield can be a scary place at night, knowing that you can get home safe is a big comfort.”

Make sure to follow City Taxis on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news and information!



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